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Lele Cane
 36% [ 77 ]
Eros (Yin) Lanson
 37% [ 78 ]
Angus (Long) Lanson
 5% [ 11 ]
 1% [ 3 ]
Ye Fei Hong
 1% [ 2 ]
Lou Shang: Magazine editor
 1% [ 2 ]
Ye Fei Yi: Lele's mother
 5% [ 11 ]
Night Cane: Lele's father
 5% [ 10 ]
Young Qui: Schoolfriend (best friend)
 1% [ 2 ]
Leo: An African-American homosexual
 8% [ 17 ]
Total Votes : 213
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Lele Cane (藤樂樂 Téng Lèlè?): Model, Protagonist of the story, has become very famous in a short amount of time, graduated high school. In the beginning of the story she thought that modeling was superfluous and only for the vain. She gets into modeling because she sees a picture of "Angus" and was inspired by him. When Lele's grandmother died, her aunt blackmailed her into becoming a model again. She briefly thought she was in love with Angus, (though it may be concluded by the reader that she has been romantically interested in Eros for a long time, albeit unwittingly, as she is prone to fantasizing about him and is comforted by merely seeing his face) but recently she realized that she loved Eros, and confesses to him, only to have him say "I know". She is frustrated by this answer and is angry with Eros. She later does a photoshoot with Angus under the photographer Marshall who also photographed the picture that inspired Lele to join the modeling industry in the first place. During the shoot she is portrayed as Angus's "Angel". The pictures are a success and she is rapidly rising in the modeling world, but Eros has suddenly become colder towards her and she can't figure out why. She is determined to ask him about his response to her confession but he forcefully harasses her in an attempt to frighten her and drive her away. She is saved by Leo and she leaves the party crying. After she gets home she starts reading her mother's journal, but suddenly falls ill due to anemia. Once Young Qui helps her recover and forces her to think about her modeling career instead of Eros she returns to DGM after a few days. She receives an offer from Glenn Devereaux, a very famous fashion designer in Paris, where she might have to stay for 3–6 months as a minimum or more than a year to train to be the next "Devereaux" girl. She is hesitant to accept the offer. However, when she meets Eros in the street and he remarks that she doesn't look happy that she received the offer. He also remarks that Nick is worried that she will not accept because of Eros to which Eros also says it has nothing to do with him. Lele has had enough and is sick of her heart beating faster for this guy so she tells him off and says that he has nothing to do with it and that she was just "digesting this good news". When he asks if they can be friends she says they never were and that she will forget about him when she leaves New York. With that she walks away from a stunned Eros. Back at the apartment with Leo, who helps her pack for Paris, she notes that the curtain with the telescope is closed which makes the room dark. She asks Leo when he will let light in and that it is her fault that he is so heartbroken. When Eros is finally able to return from Sweden half a year later, it is implied that Lele is still in love with him though she adamantly denies having any feelings for him at all.

Eros (Yin) Lanson (艾洛斯 (銀) 藍森 Àiluòsī (Yín) Lánsēn?): Elder twin, Fashion Runway Director (silver eyes, silver eyed monster) also called the Silver-Eyed Monster by Lele. He helps her throughout her journey in becoming a model. He grows interested in her and later on in the story falls in love with her. He wears one earring saying "Yin" ("Silver") given to him by Lele when she left Japan. He becomes protective of Lele, always bailing her out when she gets into trouble. He becomes jealous when Angus kisses Lele, prompting him to kiss her. Lele manages to trick him into playing her pretend boyfriend so she can get into a role. He is shown to have a dark past. He was raised in an orphanage because his mother could not care for him. His mother committed suicide that seemed to damage him psychologically. He has recently allowed Angus to stay in his apartment for fear that their father will take him back to Sweden and has even cut his hair and gotten green colored contacts to look exactly like Angus. He has become colder to Lele but it is evident to the reader that he actually is trying to protect her. He even hurts his hand against a wall which shows that he is resentful of attacking her. However, he still puts on his mean facade. He gets slapped by Leo when he says he's tired of caring for girls who confess to him. He runs into Lele on the street for the first time after attacking her. He tells her that she shouldn't look so depressed after getting the Glenn Devereaux offer. He provokes her into accepting the offer saying that Nick has become angry at Eros, believing him to be the reason Lele is hesitant about accepting Devereaux's offer, but he states that he doesn't think that is the case. Lele says Eros is right and that it has nothing to do with him and that she will forget him and they won't even be friends. Afterwards Eros is seen on the boardwalk contemplating what Lele told him thinking this is for the best. He calls Taylor and asks him to hide away Angus and himself from their father by meeting them in LA and then smuggling them off to a pasture. He and Angus escape by flight to Los Angeles where at the last minute Amber, Angus' assistant, has arranged a photoshoot job for him. Eros remarks that she deserves a raise. While Angus goes off to shoot he realizes that some of his father's minions have followed them there so he arranges something with Taylor that involves them hastening their plan. Eros slips a sedative in Angus' milk which causes Angus to sleep and Eros to take his place in the photoshoot. When he takes a bathroom break, three of his father's goons try to get to him but he quickly knocks them all out. Then he goes out to lunch with his comodel and the rest of the crew where he learns that they were also hired to bring "Angus" back and they beat Eros and bring him back. Eros' father realizes after that it is Eros in Angus' place but decides to use Eros in Angus place and forces him to remain in Sweden.

Angus (Long) Lanson[/i] (安格斯 (龍) 藍森 Āngésī (Lóng) Lánsēn?): Younger twin, Model (green eyes, lu yan she lang). He's quite the ladies man. When he first meets Lele he sees her as a shy and often embarrassed person, but he later works with Lele in a photo shoot he becomes intrigued by her spirit and modeling skills. The picture of "Angus" that inspired Lele was actually a picture of his brother, Eros. Angus' father has been forcing him to sleep with influential people since he was thirteen years old (both men and women) in order to advance his career in the political world. Long (Chinese for Dragon) is under his father's suffocating control and wishes to escape. However his father promises to go through any length to make sure that Long remains under his control. Recently, after the photoshoot with Lele he meets Ulysses Dowlan, the father of rival model Will Dowlan, who has become obsessed with him after seeing him in a television advertisement. After meeting with Ulysees Dowlan at the party and Eros warning him to stay away from him, Angus has an appointment with Ulysees who tells Angus he loves him. Angus is not convinced and thinks that all liars should go die. Angus hears of the plan from Eros about meeting Taylor in LA and appears to be stunned. He escapes to Los Angeles and remarks that he feels free breather in the Los Angeles air. He partakes in a photoshoot organized last minute by Amber. He is shown a little skeptical at whether or not Eros' plan will work but is reassured by Eros. He does not know that his father's minions are in Los Angeles. Angus is knocked out by a sedative that Eros puts in his milk so Eros can take Angus' place in the photoshoot. He later wakes up in Taylor's car with his hands tied where he realizes his brother is not there and Taylor is taking him away.
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Characters's Profile
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